Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glass Earrings

All of the glass in these earrings are Marinis. Marinis are made by melting colored glass together (in this case I melted small pieces of "scrap" glass into a block, yes these are also made of recycled material!) The block was then heated to 2,000 degrees and stretched out into long cane which I sliced and sanded and polished until I got these :) All of these Marinis came from the same cane, stretched at different widths. The way I postitioned the colored glass gave me the variety you'll see here. I'm working on polishing more of them and selling earrings this summer. I also twisted the wires and rings myself. Hooray for learning! Because these all came from the same block I have a limited supply of colors and sizes. And because the glass was twisted while it was stretched every single piece is unique.

This is my most recent creation. This pair is for sale for $48.

This pair was created for Kirsten King. $24. SOLD

This pair was made especially for Kirsten King. $12. SOLD

This lovely pair was made for Camille Brown. $35. SOLD ( I liked these so much, I made myself a pair!) unfortunately I don't have any more of the large blue marinis that match closely enough to make another matching pair like this.

This pair was made for myself, but requests were made for 3 more pairs. $35 each. DISCONTINUED because I don't have any more of the large orange and green Marinis.

This pair created for Summer Page. $35. SOLD

Although these particular earrings are all sold, I do have plenty of marinis left, so if you like a specific color or design let me know and I shall create for you a pair :) Thanks for supporting what I like to do in my free time! You can email me at ashleymarie.nine@gmail.com or any other various form of contact that suits you, should you possess that information.
much love

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